The Path Academy isn’t the first of its kind. It’s modeled after therapeutic communities which have proven to be a very effective form of treatment. The main idea of therapeutic communities is that the students (those who are seeking treatment) live and learn together.

The Delancey Street Foundation is a prime example of this model that has been restructured specifically for substance abusers, homeless, and ex-convicts. They have been changing lives for over 40 years now and to this day they continue to help those in need. Like The Path Academy, the Delancey Street Foundation has a two year program during which they receive treatment. This treatment involves utilizing the strong principle of community. Everything that they do is to help each other out and also help the organization.

Part of the treatment these students receive involves working in various businesses and trades. Doing this automatically helps them learn how to work in a business, work with others, and also learn different skills that are required in a specific business or trade. At the same time that these skills are being acquired, the revenue from these businesses goes back into the foundation and funds room and board as well as other aspects of the treatment.

The Path Academy will function very similarly to the Delancey Street Foundation in regards to the model they use. We can’t wait to offer this type of program to the community of Utah County!