Over the last few months we have been working to find the best location for The Path Academy. Our search is over and the building that has been selected is in a central location in Orem, Utah. Currently we are working with members of the professional community to help us make the modifications that will be needed to make this building usable for our purposes.








This building in the near future will be a place for people to come and learn new skills to help them along in life after the two year program that they will be enrolled in. Many of these students will be recovering from substance addiction, are homeless, and/or ex-convicts. For many of these people it is hard to get back on their feet after going through any of these experiences. That’s what we are all about helping with at The Path Academy. If you would like to help contribute to helping our cause, click here to donate. We are a nonprofit organization and all donations are U.S tax deductible.