What is The Path Academy?

    The Path Academy is a therapeutic community that will be located in Utah County. The purpose of The Path Academy is to provide basic living needs for people that are addicted to drugs, ex-convicts or homeless. This program will teach people to be self reliant and after graduation from the program will have work skills, letters of recommendation for work and housing and last but not least will have learned to control their addictions, get out of chronic homelessness and live law-abiding lives.

    Is The Path Academy a drug rehab program?

    In the sense that The Path Academy helps people to stop using drugs, yes it is a rehab program. But, the differences are many. Most notably, the The Path Academy is free. The program is much longer than traditional treatment programs. In contrast to traditional rehab programs that have a less than 5% 1 year success rate, treatment programs that of the same type as The Path Academy have 1 year success rates higher than 90%.

    How can The Path Academy charge nothing for treatment?

    The Path Academy is a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable entity.  It is not reliant on government funds and after initial startup from community donations becomes self sustaining. This is done through the vocational training programs which The Path Academy runs and in turn generate revenue to keep the program going, admit new students and ultimately save more lives.

    Are there programs similar to The Path Academy?

    Yes, the concept of a therapeutic community started in Santa Monica, California in the 1960’s. This type of treatment changed over the years.  Many of the early programs no longer are in operation. Newer programs have emerged that are based on the concepts of the first therapeutic communities and have become very successful. The term now used in place of therapeutic community is a life skills and vocational training school. Some examples of this type program are Delancey StreetTROSA, and Daytop Village.